Created new index which is supposed to receive and collect logs from our endpoint solution however on Kibana it appears to list all the other index logs but expected?

Hello Friends,

I have created a new logstash conf file for a new TCP syslogs collector and defined to send them to a new index. However on kibana the index pattern seems to have all but endpoint logs? Have I missed ay step? Please let me know what data I can share with you to find the cause.

Thank you,
Devashish Singh

Logstash by default concatenates all config files in the config directory into a single pipeline, which means all input data will go to all outputs unless you use conditionals. Each file is not a separate pipeline unless you specify this using the pipelines.yml file. Please see this blog post for more details.

Thanks @Christian_Dahlqvist .

I did define three different pipelines for three config files with different inputs configurations.

Logstash started giving errors hence I restored the original/default content of pipeline.yml

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