Created scripted fields to break out JSON values

I have been failing repeatedly trying to create a Scripted Field that will break out nested JSON values as separate columns. (They are fields that indicate whether web traffic comes from a bot or spider) What am I missing?

The message looks like:

"spiderOrRobot": true,
"reason": "FAILED_UA_EXCLUDE",
"primaryImpact": "PAGE_IMPRESSIONS"

My code to true and return the first JSON object was:

>     if (doc['message'].value != null) AND (doc['message.spiderOrRobot'].value != null) 
>     	return doc['message.spiderOrRobot'].value; 
>     return '';

This column is always present, but is often NULL. I've tried writing in exceptions to handle it, but I keep getting failed shards.

I tried to follow this post's lead, but no luck yet: Scripted field conditionals failing (5 of 15 shards failed)

maybe try replacing AND by &&

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haha, sorry, that was a forehead slapper - been switching between SQL too much this morning. Rewrote it multple ways. I sitll can't figure out why it isn't working.

Current iteration is:

if (!doc['message'].empty && !doc['message.spiderOrRobot'].empty) {
return doc['message.spiderOrRobot'].value;

return '';

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