CreateIndex and NEST 6.0.0

We used to create our indexes using NEST 5.x and ElasticSearch 5.x. We are now trying to upgrade to elasticsearch 6.x. How do we go about creating an index using nest 6.x? Furthermore, where can documentation on NEST 6.x be found?

I found this link for Nest 6.x index creation. Hope it helps!

Thank you. Yet it shows me how to index & not really how to create the index. We now have the following line of code for creation of an index in 5.x:

ICreateIndexResponse response = this.Client.CreateIndex(new IndexName() { Name = this.IndexName }, selector);

However, now in 6.x the indexname ctor is gone & I cannot find a way to create this indexname object.

You can simply pass this.IndexName. There is an implicit conversion from string to IndexName type

wonderful, thank you!

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