Creating a custom search ui with elastic workplace search

We have our custom sources as well Jira Cloud, Confluence, Dropbox, Google Drive and we want to build a search dashboard include all of them. Workplace Search is perfect for connecting these sources, but there’s not much customization on the search dashboard.

I’m looking to for solution build with my custom search dashboard with the Workplace search. I know with App Search and Site Search there’s Search API so you can build the search dashboard on top of search-ui. But I don’t see the APIs exist in Workplace Search. Do we have to build our own search-ui connectors for the Workplace search?

Anyone has any suggestions on that ?

Hi Yibo!

First and foremost, welcome to the Elastic Community!

Keep you eyes out for an upcoming release with a new Search API that will allow you to do what you are describing here. Workplace Search is still in its beta phase, but as we get closer to the General Availability of this product, this is exactly the kind of functionality the team has been focusing and working on.

I hope this clarifies things a little, and we are very excited to see your interest for Workplace Search!

Great, Awesome !