Search UI Integration with Workplace Search

Hi Elastic,

I want to ask does Search UI in App Search able to connect to Workplace Search?

The reason is because would like to have one platform where App Search and Workplace Search under one Search UI.

Would like to have my application and Confluence platform under one Search UI.

Is it possible to do that?


Hi there,

Do you want to have a single Search UI that searches across both content contained in workplace search and app search?

What you can do is create one index for your application and then use the Confluence connector to sync confluence documents into Elasticsearch, then use App Search with Elasticsearch indices to search. Search UI can then search across both indices through one engine.


Hi @joemcelroy thank you for your reply.

I'm quite confuse with your explanation actually and I want to clarify with you that currently I have an application let say myStaff, and I've been pulling the data using Connectors specifically Microsoft SQL to pull the data into Elasticsearch.

I also have another Confluence application that I would like to integrate with myStaff to make it centralize search under one platform. But it seems like there is 2 ways to integrate the Confluence documents its either through Connectors or Workplace Search :

Connectors Indices

Workplace Search

It seems like the connectors will directly ingest into Elasticsearch indices while Workplace Search will be within the Workplace Search engine. As I would like to implement Machine Learning ELSER and it only could be implemented within the Elasticsearch only, ingestion through Connectors Indices is the best choice for me.

How do I centralize both myStaff and Confluence Indices into one single Search UI App Search? Can we select two indices when creating the App Search engine? Which I think cannot as I've tried before. Any suggestions?

Thank you!

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