Combine App and Workplace search

If we want to use workplace search with an application sources (Confluence) and then include content from our website (Wordpress) into a unified search. How can we do that? it seems like App search (Wordpress) and Workplace (Confluence) are two different applications.

Hey icechunk_k9,

App Search and Workplace Search are both part of Enterprise Search at Elastic, but they're different experiences as you allude to. Just so I understand correctly: you want to use Workplace Search, and connect it to both Confluence and a Wordpress site you manage? There's no direct way to expose App Search data within the Workplace Search experience. And Workplace Search does not currently have a Wordpress content source. I think you'd have to use Workplace Search's Custom Sources to expose a Wordpress site's search results in the Workplace Search search experience. I'm not sure if using App Search would make any of this easier.

Thanks Ross

Is there a plugin for Wordpress for App (or workplace) search? Seems that the plugin documented here works for Swiftype site search.

And if that is correct, then the difference between Site search (swiftype) and app search is that swiftype has all the UI components, while app search (both document submission and search ui) has to be fully implemented with its API. Is that correct?

I think the Wordpress plugin you're referring to solves for embedding App Search powered search within Wordpress, not the other way around as I think you're looking to do.

As for UI components, App Search has Reference UI. And there's also a Search UI React library.

The plugin also submits content for indexing

Ah, I see what you're saying. Right, that will get the data into App Search. However, App Search and Workplace Search are two different experiences and sets of data. I don't think getting Wordpress data into App Search will help at all with exposing Wordpress data in Workplace Search. You'll have to use the Custom Source api.

Yes understood. I think the original use case was to index both confluence and Wordpress. So choices are

  1. Use Workplace search and add a custom source for Wordpress
  2. Use App search and just submit documents for both Wordpress and Confluence manually

The advantage of 2 seems to be the Reference UI and the advantage of 1 seems to be the built in connector for Confluence and the auto schema discovery. Did i get it right?

Full disclosure, I'm on the Workplace Search team, but I would still advise option #1. If you want search for your organization's internal documents and data, that's what Workplace Search was purpose built for. And to be clear, it also comes with a search interface. Yes, it means you'll have to handle piping Wordpress page data to Workplace Search, but the Confluence data will ingest out of the box in addition to many other content sources you might have.

If you go with option #2, you'll be building a lot yourself.