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In our company we have several sources: confluence, our github repos, data in the staffbase app and stackoverflow for teams.

We would like to have one search which returns matchings results from all of these sources.

Elasticsearch looks like a great platform to build on.

Do you have a hint how to implement a search which spans several sources?

Sounds like was built for you :slight_smile:

Yes, workplace-search looks like I was looking for.

At the moment it is beta. But I could give it a try.

What license gets used here. Is workplace-search open source, too?

I think that it will require a commercial license.
@JonasLavoie might know.

Hi Thomas,

We're very excited to see your interest in Elastic Workplace Search (formerly known as Elastic Enterprise Search)!

Workplace Search requires a Platinum-licensed Elasticsearch cluster, and pricing will be revealed accordingly once the product is out of beta. As for all other products at Elastic, Workplace Search follows our resource-based pricing principles, which ensures that you and your team only pay for the data and operations you use and need. In other words, no per-connector or per-user cost. It's quite the game changer, if you ask me :slight_smile:

Keep an eye out for announcements in the coming weeks! Our blog[1] or Twitter[2] are the best places for the latest updates.


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