Creating a dynamic S3 tag

I have log input coming from multiple sources that I am writing into S3 buckets but now I am wanting to add the source name (machine name) to the S3 filename as a tag so my requirement is a dynamic tag name based on the different machine names that will then be added as a tag.

My current configuration is-

filter {
	mutate {
		add_field => {
			"filepath" => '%{[log][file][path]}' 
	grok {
		match => ["filepath", "%{WORD:filepath}.log"]
		overwrite => ["filepath"]

output {
     s3 {
	 tags => ["%{filepath}"]

The filenames in S3 is


So what am I missing and can what I want to do be done with the S3 tag property.


No, it cannot be done. The code that adds tags is just a concatenation of strings in an array. It does not event.sprintf each tag. There has been an issue open for this for a couple of years.

Thanks for the quick response Badger and I will look at another approach to this probably something like if [field][machinename] = xxxx s3 tag => 'machinename'

I'll let me team know this.


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