S3 Output Plugin tag in Filename

The filenames uploaded to S3 are auto generated by logstash, but there seems to be a way to add a "tag" to the file name. What is the proper syntaxt to preform this function?

The docs mention this as a possibility, but don't define how it should be accomplished.

I have a tag set up on my input plugin.

tags => ["hello_world"]

I was expecting to see the filenames uploaded to s3 to be something like:

but getting:

I looked at the rubydbug output of my events and see the tag hello_world being applied to my events.

 "tags" => [
        [0] "hello_world"

If you add a "tags" option to an input (or filter) plugin then it adds a [tags] field which is an array of strings. If you add a "tags" option to an s3 output plugin then it appends the tags to the file name.

The tags option needs to be on the output, not the input.

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