Creating alias too slow

I have a job which run every day, this job creates indexes and alias. But now the creation is too slow.

If I have a lot of alias it could increase the cluster state? What is a big cluster state?
The search and index are normal.

Aliases are stored in the cluster state, and will therefore affect its size. As updates to the cluster state as far as I know are single-threaded, they are likely to slow down with increased size.

I use elasticsearch 1.7, as far as I know it always send all the cluster state every update.

Is there any way to improve it?
I really need this alias

You are correct in that the fact that Elasticsearch prior to 2.x sends the full cluster state for each change makes it worse. As far as I know there is no good way to improve it apart from shrinking the size of the cluster state and/or upgrading to a newer version.

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