Creating and deleting a small index every 3 minutes, posible problems?

Hi, with a python script I run a single logstash pipeline that create an ES index, in the same script I delete the index every 3 minutes, the size of the index is less than 1 Mb, I was wandering if this constant deletion of the index could cause any problem, I read somewhere that when using the delete api, the index is not really deleted, but wait for a process that do that...

what do you think? could cause any problem in the future?

It's not really what Elasticsearch was designed for but it should be fine if it's index level and not document.

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I do not see a problem with this if it is just a single index but do not understand why you would want to do this. Could you please explain the rationale behind this?


Im just, I get events from zabbix DB, display them on a canvas, like a traffic lights, those events are solved in minutes, so I want to display only the currently active events.

Why not change that into an events stream and store them for historical analysis?

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There's a large event index for that, but its not my decision


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