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I am working on purging the old data in elasticsearch. I was wondering what is the best way to implement such a job. I have to delete all the documents which are older than 3 months and this has to repeated every 3 months. As per the documentation it is advised to delete the index itself( as it is computationally efficient) but in this case I am not sure how am I supposed to recreate the index.

Can I use the watcher to implement such a job? Will it be efficient enough? Or should I take some other alternative?


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Hi Madhav,

You can use Watcher to do what you're trying to do. I would give it a shot and see if the performance is fast enough for your needs. If it isn't you could also try reindexing your data so that each index contains documents from a single day. Then you can use our Curator tool to select indices based on age and then delete them.

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+1 on CJs advice on using curator for this - for now. I think it would be easier to handle, than a long running watch running a delete by query statement.

Would it be easier to have monthly indices, and then just delete the old one? You can just search across all of them when you execute a search.


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