Creating bar graph based on count occurrences of keyword (text field)

want to create a bar graph or even a pie graph based on a text field. This text field does say in ES that it is Aggregatable. There is the field name and then field name.keyword. (Home Type & Home Type.keyword)

I have set the Metric Y-Axis to count. Under buckets I have created an X-Axis for filter and the filter is set to Home Type: "TH"

I get no results. But when I go to Discover and create a filter called Home Type: "TH" it comes back with results.

What am I missing?

Can you show a screenshot on what it displays when you do the filter? if you did this in a bar chart it should display a full graph with the color of the bar and if you did it in a pie chart it would show a full pie, with no slices.
If it says "no results found" you should check the time picker in the top right that you have results that match the filter in that time period.

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