Creating Custom Field in Kibana and fetching the values from a particular line in message

Hi All,

We've been using ELK to monitor our network and infrastructure logs. We have a requirement. We need to create a custom field name in filebeat so that we can use it as a unique key to filter the log messages in the Kibana. I've got the following requirements. Requesting the peers to kindly assist.

  1. I need to create a custom field name in filebeat so that it'll be available in the Kibana 'available fields'

  2. I need to dynamically fetch the value of this custom field name from one of the lines (ex: server name: ...) from the messages (log file). I need the value of this field to be fetched from only one occurence in the message source (not each time a new log occurs). (Note: The line from which a particular value needs to be fetched would occcur only once in the messages)

  3. The above two needs to be done for all the logfiles specified in the path.

I'm guessing that you want to read about ingest pipelines in Elasticsearch. They allow to modify or add extra fields.

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