Creating Dashboard Using Rest API?

Is it possible to create Kibana dashboard using rest api ?

hi @Joeltstephen,

that's a doozy of a question :wink: !

Could you explain a little more what you are looking for? Do you mean you would like a programmable API from Kibana that allows you to create a dashboard?

Hi @thomasneirynck

I want to create a Kibana dashboard through backend. Is there any API to do this operation ?
i am looking for something that can be do with curl command.

Joel T Stephen

Hi @Joeltstephen,

there's no publically exposed API for this, but there is an open PREQ for this:

All dashboards are stored as saved-objects (basically a JSON-object that described which visualizations are included, plus some other settings).

Kibana internally uses a REST-API to manage saved-objects (so you can use curl to make requests). You can find more details about that here: This is an internal implementation detail though, so this is subject to change at any time.

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