Creating file system visualization as per component wise?

Hi guys,

Lets just assume i have 3 components that is used to perform write and read operation in file system.

Currently im using metricbeat to load and catch the visualization of the read and writes data on specific disk. But this metricbeat will visualize and create global chart for all total read and writes data for the whole ccomponents.

My questions here is there any idea on how to get the total read and writes data for filesystems for a different component ? Example is like we have 3 different visualization for reads and write data
for 3 different component ? Any help is appreciated

The visualization should be straightforward if you have the data - so I think focusing on getting the correct data is the most important part of this question.

Currently you have per system IO info but you want per process info. Unfortunately it seems that this is not yet available, at least in prepackaged form -

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