Creating grroup in Elasticsearch

Anybody could help me describing how to group multiple users in Elastic
I have an xpack enabled elasticsearch,and created multiple user.
i have group users who all belongs to one group.How could i achieve this please help me in this.



There is no notion of Groups in the native realm of Elasticsearch. Could you explain what you want to achieve? We might be able to help you do this in a different way.

A group is kind of like a role, in that you assign common privileges to the role and then users to that.

Hi @warkolm and @ikakavas

By seeing the picture in the above document i am getting confused

If you read through this page you can see we reference:

One or more groups to which a user belongs. Groups are not supported in some realms, such as native, file, or PKI realms.

The native realm has no notion of realms. The LDAP realm, the AD realm , the SAML realm do , on the other hand. These groups are defined in LDAP/AD and Elasticsearch just reads them.

Is it any clearer now?

Okay,Then could we make roles as groups by assigning different users and privileges?

Yes, for all intents and purposes in simple use cases, it is safe to assume that users having the same role is the equivalent of users belonging to the same group.

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Hi @ikakavas

Thanks for the Response!

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