Creating/Manipulating Histograms in Scripts

I want to store a histogram in elasticsearch but I'm having trouble finding an example of a way to do this via script. The histogram buckets will be values 0-23, and I need to be able to increment buckets individually via script, and keep track of which bucket has the highest value after each update.

If I were going to store this myself I could use a hashmap with 24 different keys, but given Elasticsearch already has a histogram type, my assumption is it would be better to use that.

There is a Histrogram interface and InternalHistogram class in the java documentation, but trying to instantiate an InternalHistogram, use a builder method, or use a HistogramFactory, results in an error stating that type doesn't exist.

How can I achieve something like this?:

ctx._source.histogram.put('my_histogram', InternalHistogram.create([0, 1, 2 ... 23]));

  .values[5] = ctx._source.histogram.get('my_histogram').values[5] + 1;

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