Creating single instance of Logstash process

We use exec input pug-in to execute external command/script to collect custom monitors. These commands are expensive and want to run it only on one of the Logstash instance. For HA, we want another Logstash instance to be in standby mode for such custom scripts. Any recommendations to achieve this use case?

i have a similar scenario here, in Logstash we are taking JDBC input, executable input and file input.
If we run 2 logstash instance with all these inputs it will be very expensive. so, we want logstash server to be in active passive mode. Please suggest on how to setup logstash in active passive mode??

i think for JDBC and executable input we can have same logstash.conf and a copy of executable on both server, but for file input(which is output of a running script) how to get it from other server??