Creating Snapshot in Azure

We have setup snapshot functionality using Azure Blob container. When we are creating a snapshot of a smaller Index and restoring it, we can see the new Index through Kibana.

However when we are trying to create a snapshot of an Index of size 30 GB, the query runs successfully but I am not able to see the backup in the Azure storage.
Does Elastic Search creates the snapshot of larger Indexes asynchronously or is there a limitation around this.

There is no limitation but there are some space for improvements for sure.
For example, we split the data into 64m blobs. (Azure repository plugin | Elasticsearch Plugins and Integrations [8.11] | Elastic)

This can be optimized like by fixing:

I am not able to see the backup in the Azure storage

There is something wrong. It can take time but you should see something.
Do you have anything in logs?

The snapshot did get restored after a while. Since we were restoring an existing Index with a different name, the existing index had to be closed during restore we had to manually monitor when the new Index has been restored.

Is there a way of knowing if Index has been restored?

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