Creation of Indexes in Elasticsearch Manually vs through Logstash

On our project, we create each index (to comply to specific template) based time through Logstash. Our front end API currently uses the d3/dc/crossfilter stack in which it displays data on specific days using a 'dc' stacked bar chart. The issue we have run into is that during some of the days no data is passed into Logstash-Forwarder causing the index to not be created for the specific type by Logstash in which the UI will incorrectly display data on graph. I looking for possible workarounds to solve this on the backend (having an index for each day) vs frontend (due to limitation of library).

I was wonder if there are any pitfalls to manually create these indexes through a cron job instead of letting Logstash populate them in ElasticSearch?

Is there any possible way for Logstash to always create an index with the specified time format (even if no data is going to exist)?

This was fixed by a workaround provided by the developer working on the d3 library.