Cross cluster replication link is displayed in basic version


I created a request in April 26 (Cross Cluster replication is dispayed in Kibana in basic version) where warned that a message is displayed in Kibana when using the basic version. The cross Cluster replication link was displayed but we get a message when we click on it :
"Your basic license does not support Cross Cluster Replication. Please upgrade your license."

I see that the ticket was created to fix the issue, but I do have any update on it since 28th of May.

Would you please give us an update on this issue :

  • Could you please confirm that the link of CCR will be hided
  • Would you please tell us when it is expected to have this issue fixed.

Thank you very much in advance.

Hi @abka,

I have asked for an update on the GitHub issue on your behalf. Feel free to :+1: the issue and follow the progress there. It will help us quantify the impact the issue has.


Thank you @mikecote

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