Cross-cluster replication

Hello World!

I watched Jason Zucchetto' Replicate Elasticsearch Data with Cross-Cluster Replication (CCR) | Elastic and unfortunately I didn't get to ask any of question(s) and I was wondering if Jason or anyone from Elastic Team may be able to answer some for me and Elastic community)

  • painless script - modify docs on the fly using painless script
  • xpack -> oss - replication to non x-pack (open source) elasticsearch

Thank you in advance.

This is currently not possible. What is it you are looking to achieve with this? What is the use-case?

All clusters involved in CCR need to have the appropriate license level, so replicating to/from OSS clusters is not supported.

use-case is to modify original doc (obfuscate sensitive information) on the fly using painless script before doc hits remote elasticsearch cluster.

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