Cross Cluster Search(CCS) or Cross Cluster Replication?

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We have a client, they sell goods over the world. They wanted to build a search engine so anyone over the world would be able to use the search engine to find their needs. The database for their goods information is in Europe (one database). The client wants to the search engine very fast and quick and the Elastic and DB are both on Google cloud.
My questions are:

  1. Since the DB may not be replicated to other regions. So the ELK solution would be either Cross Cluster Search(CCS) or Cross Cluster Replication, which one would be more efficient/quick?
  2. Can we setup both CCR and CCS on the ELK clusters (in US, Europe, Asia)?
  3. Which one (CCR or CCS) is preferred from performance/speed perspective?
  4. Any other options besides CCR or CCS?

Any suggestions please?

Thanks in advance


CCR makes sense as you have the data in each location, but depending on the volumes you have that might be expensive for transfer costs.
CCS might make sense if your data is geographically disparate, which it doesn't seem to be.

TLDR you should test each to see which is ideal for what you want, but probably CCR as you can manage it centrally.

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Thanks a lot, Warkolm

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