Cross-cluster search not returning all hits from IDs query, sometimes

Why do my cross-cluster IDs queries sometimes return all but 1 or 2 of the results?

I have a 7.2.0 cluster executing an IDs query across 3 remote clusters usually with 500-1000 IDs in each query. I set the size parameter to be the length of my ID array. I usually get back all of the IDs but sometimes I get back all but 1 or 2 of them. Repeating the query again gets me 100% of the results.

If I just hit the clusters directly instead of going through CCS, I get back 100% of the results all the time with size=len(my_ids).

Thinking it might be a fencepost error, I tried len(my_ids)+1 but no luck. I also tried setting ccs_minimize_roundtrips=False just as a wild guess.

Strange as that all is, I seem to have found a hacky workaround: if I double the size param (i.e., size=2*len(my_ids)), I get back 100% of the results all the time.

Can anyone suggest what might be happening there?

Possibly related to IDs query returning incomplete results.

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Hi Loren,
could you post more details on how to reproduce this please? Some sample data, your query etc.?


Thank you for responding Luca.

The query was very simple:

GET cluster1:my_index,cluster2:my_index,cluster3:my_index/_search
  "size": 5678, 
  "_source": "pa*", 
  "query": {
    "ids": {
      "values": [

I wish I could replicate it for you. The 3 indices on the remote clusters are all multi-TB, and the error only happens 5-10% of the time for a group of IDs, and then never again for that group.

As I ended up needing to bring back more than 10000 results, I changed the search query to a scan/scroll. I have not observed the problem there.

I'm sorry I can't be more helpful in tracking this down. Perhaps someone else will run across this issue, too, and add their finding to this post.

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