Cross cluster search timing out ; reconnect automatically after random duration

Hi All,

The remote cluster search is enabled in my production environment.

It is working well, however some times below is error is observed in elastic-search logs.

org.elasticsearch.transport.RemoteTransportException: [error while communicating with remote cluster

After some time it is automatically reconnect and remote search is working properly.

We did not observe any ping loss between the nodes.

We are not sure of this elastic-search problem or network problem? How we can debug the problem?

Does there any configuration for reducing the interval for reconnect or any other tuning need to be done?

As of now we did not configured any time intervals.

Pl. let me know any other information required.

Elasticsearch version: 6.6.1

Thanks in advance,

Could you please share the stacktrace of that exception, which hopefully contains also the cause of it?