Cross data center Replication support

Kindly let me know whether elastic search supports Cross data center Replication.

EX:- We need to keep one replica on our DR site

Yes and No.
It depends what you call a DC.

If you have network latency between both DC then the answer is « no. Not yet but this will come in the future. »
If you have no latency between the 2 sites, then you can use allocation awareness to make sure replicas and primaries are correctly distributed.

You mean both Data centers should be on same VLAN ?

I mean a very low latency. It can be on different VLANs I suppose.

But what is the distance between your 2 DCs in your scenario? Just to understand exactly your question.

our case its on different vlans.
currently up to 10ms latency is there

We do not currently support cross datacenter replication, although we are actively working on such a feature. Stay tuned.

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