Cross field serch problem

I'm trying to implement search functionality in our project using Nest. I have following query:

	.Bool(must => must
			.Filter(m => m
				.MultiMatch(qs => qs
					.Fields(fields => fields
						.Field(item => item.Username)
						.Field(item => item.Name)
						.Field(item => item.Surname)
						.Field(item => item.FavColor)
						.Field(item => item.Description)
						.Field(item => item.ClientNumber)
						.Field(item => item.Code)
						.Field(item => item.Options)
						.Field(item => item.Equipment)
						.Field(item => item.Year)
						.Field(item => item.Status))
					.Query(filters?.SearchText ?? string.Empty)

Fields have diffrent analyzers:

  • Edge-Ngram
  • Ngram
  • Keyword

When I enter the search query, f.e. John Redling, I want get only the documents, that have all words from search phase, but each word can be found in separate fields, for example user with name John o Johnny(edge-ngram analyzer) and surname starting with Redling.
My problem is, that currently, having ngrams make this difficult. It the exmple above Redling produces ngrams: red, edl, dli, etc. I set MinimumShouldMatch to 100%, but still it can find red in color and ling in different field and it's 100%, but it's not document i'm looking for.
Is there a better way to implement it?

I ended up increasing maxgram value to 10, keeping mingram at 3. It doesn't sovlve the problem entirely, but probability of having false positive results is very low.

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