Cross_fields with decompound words

Hi there,

I have a question concerning the decompounding of the search term.

Use case:

  • Search is a multi match search on "name" and "category"
  • cross_fields is used: each of the search terms need to be in one of the
    searched fields
  • There is a product named "holzspiralbohrer"
  • There is a product named "bohrer" in the category "holz"

-User is looking for "holzspiralbohrer" but doesn't know the exact
terminology and types in the search term "holzbohrer"

In order to deliver results for "holzbohrer" I wanted to decompound the
search term into "holz" and "bohrer".

To deliver the proper result, I would need to define something like this

IF a search word gets decompounded ("holzbohrer" -> "holz" "bohrer")
THEN the decompounded parts should BOTH match in ONE field

In the stated example:
-"holzspiralbohrer" should be in the search results
-"bohrer" in the category "holz" shouldn't be

Is there any way of realizing this?

Many thanks in advance!

Best regards,

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