CSP error after enabling xpack (Dark mode broken)

Current version: 7.11.1

Hi there, i've just enabled xpack.. and logged in and i'm seeing the following error in my console:

Refused to execute inline script because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "script-src 'unsafe-eval' 'self'". Either the 'unsafe-inline' keyword, a hash ('sha256-P5polb1UreUSOe5V/Pv7tc+yeZuJXiOi/3fqhGsU7BE='), or a nonce ('nonce-...') is required to enable inline execution.

I had dark mode enabled before I enabled xpack and it was working just fine.. but now it look's like this:

And my Observability page look's like this:

Anyone know how to fix this?

The console message you saw is expected. There should be an additional line logged to the console as well, shortly after this that looks like this:

^ A single error about an inline script not firing due to content security policy is expected!

Do you see one of those?

The UI looks like it's not rendering correctly. I assume it does this if you refresh the page, or close the page and re-open in another tab?

Any other messages in the browser? Does the network tab show any errors? Were there any errors logged in the Kibana server logs?

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