CSV export: Reporting features are not yet ready

Please advise regards my failure to get CSV export working with an on-premise basic installation.

Mac OSX install of Kibana from Homebrew (elastic/tap/kibana-full: stable 7.15.0) is throwing the following error:

"tags":["error","plugins","reporting"],"pid":5981,"message":"Reporting features are not yet ready"}

Discover > Share > Generate CSV throws the following error:

asyncFunctionResume@[native code]
[native code]
promiseReactionJobWithoutPromise@[native code]
promiseReactionJob@[native code]

Stack Management > Reporting > Run Reporting Diagnostics passes Check browser but cannot complete Check screen capture. After a long wait the screen capture test says in the dialog "There was a problem running the diagnostic: TypeError: The network connection was lost."

Having downloaded the Kibana source, I find in x-pack/plugins/reporting/server/plugin.ts:

  http.registerRouteHandlerContext(PLUGIN_ID, () => {
      if (reportingCore.pluginIsStarted()) {
        return reportingCore.getContract();
      } else {
        this.logger.error(`Reporting features are not yet ready`);
        return null;

Unfortunately I don't have the knowledge to dig much deeper into the code than this.

What do your Kibana logs show?

I see no smoking gun with logging.verbose: true and logging.root.level: all. From a short run the log file is 1.4MB. I have tried to copy & paste here but the save process stalls the web page. I can't see how to attach a file.

You're better off using gist/pastebin/etc.

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