Csv field data as count


I have a csv field as below with a numeric value


the logstash config is as below


everything is indexing fine but when i try to create the visualization, the value on y-axis is showing the count as (1) instead of the value for the success and failure with the respective data for the date


If it is indexed properly then this is a Kibana question, not a logstash question, and you should move it to that category.

What is the configuration of the visualization?

for the vertical bar graph

on x axis its time stamp

and on y axis its count

If you only have one record for each date then count is always going to be one. Change it to be something like sum/Success.

but how to convert can you please explain, as i have only one value for success on a particular date and i need that value to show up on the bar chat for that day

In the panel on the left, you have Metrics, where Y-Axis is set to Count, and Buckets, where X-Axis is set to Date Histogram, correct? Change the Y-Axis to Sum and select Success as the Field.

Thanks for that it worked

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