CSV from elasticsearch

Good afternoon community,

I want to create a .csv file with certain data fields.

Initially I used logstash with the following code

    input {
      elasticsearch {
    		hosts => "localhost:9200"
    		index => "teste21"
    		query => '{"query":{"match_all":{}}}'
    		#size => 2

    output {
    	csv	{
    	fields =>  ["_id","text","_type"]
    	path => "....."	

but the result Is not as expected, something of the genre "% {hosts}% {message}}, after a search I read that version 5.x did not allowthat and had to use 2.x, but with this version I can not even generate the file.

Then I installed the dataformat 5.3.0 plugin and after confirming that it was installed, I used the command curl -o /tmp/data.csv -XGET "localhost: 9200 / index / type / _data? Format = csv & source =

But it gives an error and the elasticsearch is closed.

Someone can help me, regards.

Sounds like a question to the plugin author?

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