Csv header skip_header => "true" not working

hello all,
Im trying to use skip_header => "true", this is because in kibana/discover the header is also coming out as a value. so i tried to add this parameter and it does not seem to working. In my case, this header does not repeat. so i dont to worry about the recurrence.

But for now my problem is that that, it also shows a value, and ofcourse it add as 1 hit in the report. I checked the forum seems a common problem , has anyone resolve this? i see in some forumit also suggest to use skip_header so i tried it.

please help

example below screenshot

if [type] == "XYZ" {
separator => ";"
columns => ["Name", "IdNo", "Email"]
skip_header => "true"

Have you set pipeline.workers to 1? Which version of logstash are you using?

thanks badger , but this one is fine now. appreciate your keen assistance.

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