Cumulative sum of count, while keeping track of data prior to the initial date

Hey everyone!
I'm trying to create a bar graph visualization with the evolution of new users over a period of time.
The problem is that when I set an initial date on Kibana, it disregards the total number of existing users before that date, and I want Kibana to include those users. (i.e. each graph bar has the total users + new users).

And this is what I have, doing a Cumulative Sum of Count:

Here's what I'm trying to achieve:

How can I keep track of the total number of existing users + new ones over any period of time?
Thank you

Hi @jruivo,

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Let me see if @timroes can help answer this.


Hi @jruivo,

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Unfortunately that's currently not easily possible. I opened #60672 to track this enhancement.


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