Cumulative sum of metrics of all entries passing query in Line Chart

Hi all, I have a line chart in the format I already want that displays sum of metric for Disk I/O on 25 machines on our cluster that looks like this:

The query that generates this graph is of the form:
plugin:disk AND type:disk_octets AND (host:machine10* OR host:machine20* ...)

Is there a way to convert this line chart into a cumulative sum, i.e., showing 1 line that is the sum of all the 25 values in each bin. Something that would show "total Disk I/O for the system" rather than on a per machine basis.

I'm probably misunderstanding your question, but can't you just remove the bucket agg that's creating the split lines?

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Just figured this out too, with some other changes I was able to get the desired final result. Thanks!

Can you share your solution, it might help others in the future! :slight_smile:

Sure! The original query and formatting of the plot had the split-line aggregation, which once I removed resulted in plotting the cumulative sum of values in each bucket.