Curator_cli delete of data and index Even Kibana Dashboard

im install and worked curator cli
for deleted index and data!
But when the time comes for the erase
curator_cli In addition to the elasticsearch index, Kibana Dashboard is deleted
But I do not want the Kibana dashboard to be erased each and every time

curator_cli --host --timeout 300 --port 9200 delete_indices --filter_list '[{"filtertype":"age", "source":"name", "direction":"older", "unit":"days", "unit_count":1, "timestring":"%Y.%m.%d"}]' >>curat.log

this code my garbagecollector curator_cli

You'll want more filters in your --filter_list than that. The ones you have will select all indices that have a YYYY.MM.dd time string in the name.

This should not match the .kibana, or .kibana-6 indices, however, as they do not contain a date string in the index name. Did you run with the --dry-run flag first? You can also run curator_cli with show_indices instead of delete_indices to show which indices the --filter_list is selecting.

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