Curator Cronjob not running?

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I configured Curator in /root/.curator/curator.yml and in the same path there is a action.yml where I configured actions to run (cretaing and deleting snapshots).
With "sudo crontab -e" I creted a cronjob for Curator to run every night.
0 2 * * * curator --config ~/.curator/curator.yml ~/.curator/action.yml
Now I get an E-Mail from Cron Daemon which is saying "/bin/sh: 1: curator: not found".
My guess is that it doesn't like the term "curator" without any path, yet the command works when using it in the shell. I am pretty sure, that I've read on another post, that putting it like this into Crontab should work.

Can you please help me out? :slight_smile:

EDIT: I will try it with "/usr/local/bin/curator" and reply if that heped.

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Hi @Tempy

I would request you to take output of the below steps and post it here for better understanding of your problem.

Step 1:
You are able to execute this action file from cli mode.

Step 2:
to check the crontab entries
crontab -l

Step 3:
Also share your action file which you have configured for creating and deleting snapshot.

Step 4:
to check process running or not:
ps -ef | grep -n curator

Step 5:
to check curator service is running or not:
systemctl status avahi-daemon

> Yes, it work like that only into crontab.

Let me know if you have any issue on executing above steps.


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Using "/usr/local/bin/curator" instead of just "curator" was the right thing to do.
The Cronjob now runs correctly.
0 2 * * * /usr/local/bin/curator --config ~/.curator/curator.yml ~/.curator/action.yml

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