Curator delete indices


I am deleting the elasticsearch indices which are older than 30 days .
for checking the functionality I have created some indices , for some indices it is working
ex: data-2015.10.10

But for some indices It is not able to match the indices pattern and so not able to delete
ex: logs-2015.1.12

curator --host localhost --port 9200 delete indices --older-than 30 --time-unit days --timestring %Y.%m.%d

could you please let me know why the query is not running successfully for the second index ?


Isn't the index named logs-2015.01.12, i.e. with a two-digit month? If it really is named logs-2015.1.12 I can imagine that that's the problem.

Otherwise I'd try increasing the log level of Curator to better understand what's going on.

Thank you ..

Problem was with two-digit month only .. I missed that :frowning: