Curator Failed to verify all nodes have repository access

Hello community,

Curator stopped working after upgrading ELK stack from 6.2 to 6.3. Here is the error I am getting,

2018-08-17 18:54:34,115 DEBUG              curator.utils     parse_date_pattern:1349 Fully rendered name: elk-201808171854
2018-08-17 18:54:34,115 DEBUG              curator.utils             isdatemath:1879 opener =  e, closer = 4
2018-08-17 18:54:34,115 DEBUG                curator.cli         process_action:99   Doing the action here.
2018-08-17 18:54:34,708 ERROR                curator.cli                    run:186  Failed to complete action: snapshot.  <class 'curator.exceptions.ActionError'>: Failed to verify all nodes have repository access: --- Got a 500 response from Elasticsearch.  Error message: repository_verification_exception

Nothing has changed on AWS side or on curator configuration and I am able to get the previous snapshot information using GET _snapshot/s3-corp/_all

Can anyone please suggest what else I can check?

The repository check verifies that each data and master node has read/write access to the repository. This will help you manually run the test to see more information.

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