Curator problem!

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I have a problem, I was sending logs from a server using Filebeat to my server. Once I set up the curator and I made the command : curator --config ..... ,The other server stopped sending the logs. Can someone explain to me why?

(Aaron Mildenstein) #2

Curator only reads files, and interacts with Elasticsearch via an API. Do you have a limited number of sockets on the endpoint, and both Curator and Filebeat were trying to use them and they got exhausted?

(Salma Ait Lhaj) #3

The problem is, it change my logstash, I can't start it as a service anymore !! I don't know why, everything changes.

Everythnig was working before I just install curator and rename my conf file in logstash and everythnig goes wrong ...

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Curator cannot do what you're describing. The only file it can write to is the log file you have set. It only ever reads from a configuration file you define, and interacts with Elasticsearch via the REST API, over the network.

Part of it may be:

With emphasis on, "rename my conf file in logstash and everything goes wrong..." Curator cannot change your Logstash configuration, nor affect your systemd setup.

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It is me who renamed my logstash conf, I gave an other name, and it's ruin mt logstash.

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That's another topic. Clearly it is not a Curator problem.

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