Curator system indices


I use the curator for Elasticsearch and it runs properly for my indices.

I want add to this curator the possibility to delete system indices but I don't know how to make that.

Do you have some ideas ?

Curator treats all system indices (with the possible exception of .security) as regular indices. You just have to include indices with prefix .whatever, e.g. .monitoring-

Ok thanks.
And it's posible to presice 2 different pattern value in the same action.yml or it must create an action.yml for each value ?

Actually I have this one :

    action: delete_indices
    description: >-
        delete indices older than a week.
        ignore_empty_list: True
        disable_action: True
    - filtertype: pattern
      kind: prefix
      value: filebeat-
    - filtertype: age
      source: name
      direction: older
      timestring: '%Y.%m.%d'
      unit: days
      unit_count: 7

You can chain actions in sequence, as it says in the docs.

Thank you a lot.

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