Curator: What is the recommended way to change static index setting?

Once we rollover an index, we use Curator to mark it read-only. We use filter element "pattern" to exclude the active index as suggested in Curator documentation. Ideally, we want to filter out indices which have already been marked read-only, but I could not find a way to filter based on index setting in curator. Since multiple calls to mark an index as read-only seemed "harmless", we are able to get-by with filtering only on pattern, without filtering out indices already having the read-only setting.

Now, apart from marking these indices as read-only, we would like to add the setting "index.codec:best_compression" to the index. Since this is a static setting, we need to close the index, set the property and open the index. Just filtering on pattern while marking the indices for compression would mean a lot of indices get closed and opened even though they already had the setting.

Is there a recommended way to change static codec setting that avoids open/close of indices that already have the setting? Is there a way to filter indices based on existing value of a setting?

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