Curl for current node write consistency setting

return current write.consistency setting on a data node

Question 1
i have a 1 shard and 1 replica setting per index which from my reasearch means my write consistency using no setting in the .yml file is a write.consistency of 1?

Question 2
I am being asked to verify the write consistency level we have on each data node of our cluster

running a curl of http://localhost:9200/_nodes/_local

and dumping the contents isnt showing me anything regarding this setting in a active node.

can this setting be pulled via a curl request?

thanks in advance.

It's a per index setting, not a node one -

hmm ok , so default behaviour is to take the quorum , and from what you stated this is an index setting unless specified in the data node elasticsearch.yml file ( linux)

is this setting present on the index settings?

doing the following and still not seeing anything

powershell commands:

$test = invoke-webrequest 'http://ipofnode:9200/_all/_settings'
$test2 = $test.Content
$test3 = $test2 | convertFrom-json
write $test3

$test3 | get-member -type NoteProperty | foreach-object {
$name=$.Name ;
write-host "$name = $value2"