Custom _all field and per field boosting


I was really excited to hear that custom _all fields are coming to town,
but the removal of per field boosting messed up my idea.
All I want to achieve is to create multiple _all-like fields consisting of
different fields (each _all-like field would gather data in different
language) and to query against them. I also badly need to boost some of the
fields (e.g. for books, title is far more important then the publisher). Each
of those fields would gather about 10 different fields. My current solution
is to store different languages in different indices but that solution
makes me duplicate a lot of language independant data. As stated in I tried to use
multi_match or even string query with multiple fields but the performance
of that kind of query is nowhere close to querying the _all field itself.

Are per field boosting for custom _all fields planned to be reimplemented?
Will there be a significant improvement to how cross field multi_match
Could you think of another approach that could be worth trying?

I'd be grateful for any hints.

Best regards,

Paweł Młynarczyk

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