Custom Authz Engine Configuration

I'm working on an implementation of a custom authorization engine by following the instructions on this page. I'm using Elasticsearch v8.2.0.

Step 2) on this page seems to indicate that I can pass settings for my custom plugin in elasticsearch.yml file. I'm trying to understand the format to specify settings in elasticsearch.yml file. In my Gradle file, my plugin is called elasticsearch-opa. So I thought I could set localhost in the elasticsearch.yml file but that gives an error of the form

unknown setting [] please check that any required plugins are installed, or check the breaking changes documentation for removed settings

I have also tried using com.elasticsearch.opa.OpaAuthorizationEngineExtension which is the content of the file META-INF/services/

Any idea what the correct format is to pass the settings for the custom plugin so that my custom authorization engine gets access to those settings ?

Thanks for your help.

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