Custom dashboard for kubernets monitoring

Hi, Ive setup metricbeat with kubernetes module to ship data to elasticsearch. I want to create dashboards to monitor deployments or statefulsets including used resources like volumes, etc.

I had a first look on the sample dashboards and the data events stored in elastic search.
Maybe Ive just overseen it, but how can I build a relation between volume, statefulset and pod?
Also I want to show CPU / MEM used compared to the limit which is set for the pod / statefulset.

Unfortunately I was not able to see the labels at the pod / statefulset metricbeat events. Did I just miss them or how can I join these Informations above?

thanks, Andreas

I imagine following dashboard.
I have a list of all statefulsets with the most recent status. How long it is up, how many pods are ready, running, unavailable with possibility to filter for statefulsets with error. I want to be able to filter next coming details for a specific statefulset.
As details I want to know about free space in volume for each pod of the statefulset. At best I want NOT to show the the configsets or secrets which are mounted as volumes.