Kubernetes dashboard not showing some metrics when using 15 min interval

We have metricbeats reporting Kubernetes kube state metrics every 30s and have verified this when looking through the indexes. The dashboard that metricbeats creates that shows the number of deployments and pods, when set to the last 15 mins always shows 0 for those values. One such value is cardinality of the kubernetes.deployment.name field. I have also verified that the field shows up 20,000 times in the last 15 mins. If I switch the chart to 60 mins, it will show all the metrics correctly in this dashboard. Also to note, if I switch the reporting for kube state to every 10s then it will show correctly in the dashboard for the 15 min interval.

15 min:

    - module: kubernetes
      enabled: true
        - state_node
        - state_deployment
        - state_replicaset
        - state_pod
        - state_container
      period: 30s
      hosts: ["${KUBE_STATE_METRICS_HOSTS}"]

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