How do I get the Infrastructure map working for Kubernetes Pods?

All of my pods show up but metrics report as zero. Kube state metrics is running metrics are getting indexed into the metricbeat index. You can also see them on the Discover tab but nothing here. Running 6.8.3 across the board.

@Richard_Neely Did you deploy Metricbeat as a DaemonSet?

Right now Metricbeat runs as a service on the box and talks to kubelet and kube-state-metrics. I do have filebeat deployed as a daemonset.

Hi @Richard_Neely,

Did you follow this guide?

Can you explain how Metricbeat is running if not?

I just did. It's running as service on the box. It's able to hit the Kubelet service and also kube-state-metrics and pull the info in.

Config looks like this.

  • module: kubernetes
    enabled: true
    • node
    • system
    • pod
    • container
      period: 2m
      hosts: ["localhost:10255"]

State metrics from kube-state-metrics service:

  • module: kubernetes
    enabled: true
    • state_node
    • state_deployment
    • state_replicaset
    • state_pod
    • state_container
      period: 2m
      hosts: [""]

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