Custom domain using AWS Cloudfront

I've read this blog post which has been helpful in getting started: Custom Domain

However, due to various requirements on our end, I need to proxy our Elastic Cloud Kibana instance using AWS Route53/Cloudfront. And for this reason I'm writing this post.

I've managed to setup a distribution with my specific elastic/kibana instance URL as the origin. I also added the following two Request headers:
kbn-xsrf: kibana
x-found-cluster: {my-uid-kibana}

My custom domain passes all TLS verifications via curl and any browser including Qualsys tests. However, when I navigate to my custom domain I get:


If I navigate to my custom domain with /login appended then I get presented the login page. But once I login, it redirects back to my custom domain and returns the above 401 unauthorized error again.

I must be missing another request/response configuration to properly handle redirects after successfully logging in? I'm not sure.

Anyone able to help?


I managed to get around the problem regarding not being able to /login successfully.

However, I still cannot navigate to the root of my custom domain without appending /login

Also, when I try to logout, I get the following error:

{"statusCode":400,"error":"Bad Request","message":"Client should be able to process redirect response."}

It sounds like the proxy is not processing redirects. Have you checked for this type of issue in the AWS documentation? Maybe this page provides some clues: Request and response behavior for custom origins - Amazon CloudFront

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